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Polymers for specialty coatings applications

Synthomer’s extensive polymer portfolio serves a wide range of high-performance applications, including in-mold coatings, roofing and roof tile, fibre cement coating, road marking and parking lot paint, automotive applications, liquid applied sound damping (lasd), swimming pools, agriculture and seed coatings, graphic arts, correction fluids and inks, primers, stabilising solution and more. 

Below are just some of the products available. Can’t find what you are looking for? A Synthomer polymer expert would be glad to discuss your specific situation to find a solution.

In-Mold Coatings (IMC)

Synthomer is an early founder and innovation IMC leader in high-performance primer and appearance coatings applied during the molding process of plastics, sheet molding compound (SMC), and composite components. Synthomer GENGLAZE material technologies are used for automotive, heavy truck, marine, and small part applications for nearly 40-years and latest innovations are being adopted in construction building materials, the hospitality supply industry, and every day commercial products.

Tradename Chemistry Description
GENGLAZE® EC-2447 OTH Heat-activated in-mold coating designed to enhance the surface of molded parts.GenGlaze EC-2447 in-mold coating surface finish is incorporated during compression molding instead of being applied separately. It is environmentally friendly as it does not contain solvents (100% solids), and reduces the number of surface finishing steps and manufacturing costs. 

Roofing, Roof Tile and Fibre Cement Coatings

Synthomer offers specialty polymers for multi-layer roofing membranes, cool-roof coatings, roof tile protection, fibre cement, and tilt-up coatings.

Tradename Chemistry Description
PLEXTOL™ D 977 PA Plextol  D 977 is a water-based dispersion of acrylic copolymer designed for Elastomeric coatings, roof and walls.It provides a good balance between mechanical properties and dirt pick-up resistance thanks to the adjusted internal plastification and UV surface curing system.
PLEXTOL™ M 625 PA Finely dispersed aqueous dispersion of a methacrylic ester-acrylic ester copolymer. The dispersion contains an anionic emulsifier system, and is free from APEO, coalescing agents, solvents, and plasticizers.PLEXTOL M 625 is a hard pure acrylic with excellent UV-resistance and exterior durability. It is highly recommended for industrial concrete roof-tile and fibre-cement coatings. It shows an outstanding efflorescence and water-whitening resistance.
PLEXTOL™ R 100 PA Plextol R 100 is a surfactant stabilised modified - acrylic copolymer dispersion that forms a flexible, tough film of high water resistance.Plextol R 100 is recommended for exterior and interior paints.
PLIOTEC® EL25 PA Pliotec EL25 acrylic elastomeric latex provides excellent tensile/elongation properties, superior dirt pick-up resistance, great adhesion to concrete und UV resistance.Water-based elastomeric resin for vertical masonry coatings, roofing and tilt up coatings.
REVACRYL™ AE 3020 SA REVACRYL AE 3020 is an aqueous dispersion of an acrylic ester-styrene copolymer. The dispersion contains an anionic emulsifier system and is free from film forming aids, APEO, solvents and plasticizers.REVACRYL AE 3020 is a low MFFT silane-modified styrene-acrylic with excellent wet adhesion and water-resistance. It shows high flexibility and is recommended for roof-coatings. 

Road marking traffic and parking lot paint

Synthomer has water-based acrylics, alkyds, and solvent-borne thermoplastic polymers specifically designed for traffic road markings, parking lots, and pedestrian crosswalks.

Tradename Chemistry Description

Swimming Pools

Synthomer produces polymer resins specifically designed for swimming pool paints and as a chlorinated rubber replacement.

Tradename Chemistry Description
PLIOLITE® LV72 OTH Pliolite LV 72 is a low viscosity styrene-acrylate copolymer with high pigment binding properties that forms tough, abrasion and alkali resistant films with excellent adhesion to concrete and steel, and with very good water and chemical resistance.Newtonian resin giving low viscosity solutions, with very good sprayability, for formulation of swimming pool paints and as a replacement for chlorinated rubber.

Protective Cheese Coatings

Synthomer has a specialty coatings portfolio of water-borne colloid-stabilized protective food-grade polymers. Suitable for various applications especially medium to hard cheeses.

Tradename Chemistry Description

Seed & Agricultural Coatings

Synthomer has a specialized offering of agricultural seed coatings used to improve soil establishment, appearance, protection, and handling characteristics.

Tradename Chemistry Description

Contact a Synthomer technical polymer expert to discuss your formulation application needs.

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