Waterborne pressure-sensitive adhesives for your specialty tape applications

Synthomer’s waterborne low-VOC pressure-sensitive adhesives are designed to meet the needs of many specialty tape applications. Our polymer technology can produce tapes with performance far beyond that of traditional emulsion adhesives.

From building and construction to automotive and product assembly, we provide products with the adhesion profile, heat resistance and durability to get the job done.

Our unique acrylic polymer technology allows us to create adhesives with unparalleled cohesion and heat resistance, and with a broad range of adhesion to many surfaces. In fact, we can out-perform many solvent acrylics and other technology that typically dominates the specialty tape market We also have adhesives with superior adhesion to low energy surfaces and foams.

Using our high performing emulsion acrylics for tape applications offers additional operational advantages. Our products have high solids levels that help with fast line speeds and efficient drying. Also, environmental permits and operations are simplified over other technologies. Our coater-ready formulations can be tailored to your specific coating method and drying capabilities to ensure a quality results with the right economics.

  • Broad portfolio of adhesion profiles and high shear and heat resistance for superior performance
  • Low emission technology (low-VOC and low fogging)
  • Excellent adhesion to low energy surfaces.
  • Excellent durability and chemical resistance
  • Very high water resistance, without whitening.
  • Customized products for your specialized applications.

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Recommended Products

Group Tradename Chemistry Description
SYNTHEBOND SYNTHEBOND PRIME 7501 PA Synthebond Prime 7501 is a coater ready acrylic emulsion polymer formulated for applications where high shear and high temperature resistance is needed.
SYNTHEBOND SYNTHEBOND PRIME 7526 PA Synthebond Prime 7526 is a coater ready acrylic emulsion polymer for applications where good low surface energy bonding is needed

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