PSA Speciality tapes

Waterborne low-VOC pressure-sensitive adhesives for your speciality tape applications

Synthomer’s waterborne low-VOC pressure-sensitive adhesives cater for all your speciality tape needs. For demanding outdoor applications such as roof insulation and construction tapes, we provide products with outstanding water resistance and low temperature applicability that ensure secure bonding to e.g. low energy surfaces. Our PSAs for protective foils exhibit no staining or ghosting, and leave no residue after removal. We also offer PSAs with high plasticiser tolerance which are ideal for your graphic PVC films.

Synthomer is committed to the continuous improvement of both technical and environmental performance of its pressure sensitive adhesives. The low emission properties of our PSAs are particularly important in automotive applications. In addition, our high solids water based PSAs provide improved drying and film forming properties and contribute to lower transportation costs, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Low emission (low-VOC and low fogging) to help you meet increasingly stringent regulations.
  • High peel, high shear and high initial tack for superior performance.
  • Excellent adhesion onto low energy surfaces.
  • Very high water resistance, without whitening.
  • Help to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Customised products for your specialised applications.

Recommended Products

Tradename Chemistry Description
SYNTHEBOND™ 7656 PA Synthebond 7656 is an acrylic emulsion polymer designed for formulating pressure sensitive adhesives for UL181B HVAC tapes. It demonstrates high cohesion and good instant peel.
SYNTHEBOND™ PRIME 7501 PA Synthebond Prime 7501 is a coater ready acrylic emulsion polymer formulated for applications where high shear and high temperature resistance is needed.
SYNTHEBOND™ PRIME 7525 PA Synthebond Prime 7525 is a coater ready acrylic emulsion polymer for applications where good low surface energy bonding is needed.
SYNTHEBOND™ PRIME 7526 PA Synthebond Prime 7526 is a coater ready acrylic emulsion polymer for applications where good low surface energy bonding is needed

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