Waterborne pressure-sensitive adhesives for your graphics applications

Synthomer’s waterborne pressure-sensitive adhesives are an excellent choice for the challenges of today’s graphics applications.

We offer coater ready adhesives that are tailored to your specific coater design, allowing for the superior quality and smoothness of coating required for many graphics and vinyl products.

We have acrylic adhesives that will perform well in outdoor applications, low temperature applications, wet environments and more, while being designed to adhere strongly to a broad array of surfaces. For temporary applications, we also offer a range of removable and repositionable coater-ready adhesives. Our polymers can handle the plasticizer migration needs of both monomeric and polymeric plasticizers in a wide range of vinyl films, while maintaining key performance attributes and minimizing vinyl shrinkage.

  • Tailored coater-ready formulas for superior coating quality
  • Excellent plasticizer resistance.
  • Broad adhesion profiles, including low energy surfaces.
  • Very high water resistance, without whitening.

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Recommended Products

Group Tradename Chemistry Description
SYNTHEBOND SYNTHEBOND 7915 PA Synthebond 7915 is a pressure sensitive adhesives for permanent graphics applications that need plasticizer migration resistance.

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