Hygiene Absorbent and Wipes

Advance polymer binders deliver outstanding performance and compliant to strict regulations

Synthomer manufactures a variety of polymer binders to enhance the performance of nonwoven wipes, towels, incontinence, and feminine hygiene products that may come into contact with human skin. We offer a broad range of products with various glass transition temperature (Tg) to cater to customers’ specific needs in hand-feel, mechanical property and durability. Our binders provide a durable adhesion and the functionality desired for these applications. 

Benefits for your nonwoven hygiene absorbent and wipe

  • Improved abrasion resistance for wipe durability
  • Reduced quat absorption for disinfecting wipes
  • Durable hydrophilic performance through multiple insults (hygiene)
  • Excellent tensile strength is achieved with various Synthomer binder options
  • Wicking (horizontal and vertical) for improved water or liquid intermediate absorption

Recommended Products

Tradename Chemistry Description
ACRYGEN™ 61192 PA Acrylic binder for nonwovens and textiles applications
MYKON™ HLC OTH Lubricant for nonwovens, textiles, and paper applications.
SEQUAPEL™ 409 OTH Hydrophobic acrylate copolymer for the formulation of waterproof coatings and binders
SUNBOND™ 140N VA Soft and compatible binder for disposable nonwovens, such as hygiene, wipes, and medical apparel
SUNBOND™ 939 PVAC Carboxylated PVAc Homopolymer

Contact our technical specialists for a no-obligation discussion of how Synthomer’s polymer binders can help improve your nonwoven hygiene absorbent and wipes. 

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