Flooring adhesives

Enhance the green credentials of your flooring adhesives with Synthomer’s EC1+ binders

EPA studies have shown that indoor pollutant levels can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. One important source of indoor pollutants can be the use of adhesives for carpet installation that don’t meet the requirements for low emission adhesives, such as EC1+. 

Synthomer’s acrylic and low-VOC, APEO-free binders have been specifically developed to boost the green credentials of your flooring adhesives. They are ideal for use in adhesives for flooring applications such as carpets, PVC, linoleum and rubber.

  • EC1+ certification for your products.
  • Low-VOC properties.
  • High durability and aging stability.
  • Ideal combination of adhesion and cohesion.
  • High solids content enables fast drying.

Recommended Products

Tradename Chemistry Description
ROHAGIT™ SD 9523 XSBR Rohagit SD 9523 is an anionic water based dispersion of a butadiene acrylate copolymer.

Contact our technical specialists for a no-obligation discussion of how Synthomer’s polymers can help improve your flooring adhesives. 

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