Bottle labelling wet glues

Polymers for bottle labelling wet glues

Synthomer’s unique portfolio of polymers for synthetic bottle labelling adhesives offers you a range of adjustable viscosity plateaux combined with easy label removability in caustic wash-off processes. They will help you achieve very high wet tack and good adhesion on substrates such as glass, treated glass and PET. In addition, they will allow you to comply with direct and indirect food contact regulations, including EU 10/211. Our products can substitute or be combined with casein.

  • Ideal for casein-free and hybrid glue formulations.
  • High wet tack.
  • Optimised setting time.
  • Outstanding adhesion to glass, treated glass and PET.
  • Excellent removability in caustic wash-off processes.
  • Formulated wet glues provide excellent machinability and enable high speed labelling.
  • EU 10/2011 and FDA indirect food contact compliance.

Recommended Products

Tradename Chemistry Description
EMULTEX™ KR37LV VA Emultex KR37LV is a vinyl acetate homopolymer stabilised with polyvinyl alcohol and surfactants. It has a good wet tack and can be used as supplied or compounded depending on the adhesive applications.

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