Polyester for powder coatings

Thermosetting resins for powder coatings: Strong protection, good looks and environmental compliance

Powder coatings are finely ground particles that are deposited onto a substrate and cured to produce an attractive film coating with critical protective and aesthetic properties. Synthomer’s wide variety of thermosetting resins bring a range of key benefits to powder coating applications. They minimise VOCs, waste and overall environmental impacts, and can be applied efficiently in applications such as architectural, transportation, and heavy duty industrial. Leveraging Synthomer’s innovative coating technology, they will meet or exceed your most rigorous compliance and performance requirements. Our thermosetting resins for powder coatings are are an essential ingredient for powder coatings and are largely based on carboxyl and hydroxyl functionalised resins.

Discover how Synthomer’s resins can improve your powder coating applications

Synthomer’s range of powder coating resins comprises:


Our Albester resins guarantee powder coaters superior quality, consistency and durability in high gloss powder coating applications. Available for either tribo or gas oven curing, they will meet performance and regulation criteria defined by GSB and Qualicoat Classes 1 and 2. They can also be customised to provide the performance characteristics needed to meet your specific requirements.

Albester SilkyMatt

Synthomer’s Albester SilkyMatt resins deliver high-hiding, beautiful, low gloss powder coats. They are available in "durable" and "superdurable" formulations to meet GSB and Qualicoat Classes 1 and 2 standards. Resins in this range will satisfy almost any performance and gloss requirement, from dead matt (below 5) up to 50 units.


Our new Albecor resins have been specially developed to enable you exploit low-temperature curing systems – one of the most important innovations in powder coatings. As a result, they help you to cut your energy bills and CO2 emissions. They also help you to exploit novel powder coating applications. 


Synthomer’s masterbatches are carriers specifically designed to help you incorporate additives into powder coating formulations while maintaining the coating's performance. Albemast masterbatches are easy to use and deliver product performance benefits that help formulators improve consistency while saving time and money.

Benefits for your powder coating operations

Synthomer’s range of powder coating resins includes products that can deliver the following benefits to your powder coating operations:

  • High performance for indoor, outdoor durable and outdoor super durable applications.
  • A variety of curing options to meet all your needs, including TGIC, TGIC-free, epoxy, acrylic, ß-HAA, polyglycidyl ester and polyurethane  solutions.
  • Resins for non-emissive polyester-urethane systems for special effects in architectural, antigraffiti and transportation applications.
  • Compliance with GSB and Qualicoat Classes 1 and 2.
  • Compatibility with tribo, gas oven and low temperature curing.
  • Shortened curing/cooling cycle times for improved coating of large, heavy components and heat-sensitive substrates.

Recommended Products

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Discover how Synthomer’s resins can help improve your powder coating operations

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