Specialty Paper

High performance binders to match your speciality paper requirements

Synthomer is a leading manufacturer of synthetic binders for speciality paper coating applications. Our binders’ portfolio will meet the toughest challenges across the entire speciality paper spectrum, including:'

  • Thermal Paper.
  • Carbonless Copy Paper.
  • Digital Imaging.
  • Labels.
  • Release Liner
  • Masking Tapes. Saturation

Our experts support you with in depth knowledge for development and application of Styrene-Butadiene (XSBR) and Acrylic (SA) binder technology for the Paper and Packaging industry.

Our technology provides extremely robust products to support your production efficiency by excellent binder stability and optimal coater runability. 

Overview of Synthomer’s products for speciality paper

Ecokote 4361: Excellent binder for silicone-based release liner base stock
Novajet 3800: Cationic stable XSBR latex for InkJet based coatings
Sunbond 3410: Polyvinyl Acetate binder for speciality paper coatings, providing enhanced glueability and sheet gloss  

Benefits of Synthomer binders for your specialty paper applications

  • Improved production efficiency through excellent binder stability and optimal coater runnability. 
  • Tailored solutions to meet the specific performance requirements of individual specialty paper technologies.
  • A broad portfolio for all your paper coating applications, delivering superior binding strength and printability.
  • Products supplied out of our own manufacturing network meet the highest environmental standards.
  • Our industry experts are able to customise products to meet your specific requirements.
  • Continuous innovation to provide market-leading solutions.

Talk to Synthomer today to learn about the benefits our binders can bring to your speciality paper.

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