Compounds you can trust when performance is paramount

We focus on the areas where plastic and rubber really have to perform. We are a market-leading supplier of sustainable water-based polymers and terpolymers, in liquid and powder form, with diverse and demanding plastic and rubber applications, like cabling, hoses, conveyor belts and tyres. We help to make compounds that customers can trust, and that will last, even when exposed to chemicals, oils, fuels, fats and heat.

Our wide portfolio includes acrylonitrile butadiene copolymers in latex and powder form; acrylate terpolymers in powder form; and high styrene resins in powder form. Our products provide a variety of highly desirable performance and processing attributes, including flexibility, retention of plasticiser in PVC, modulus, soft-touch and matte finish, all designed to meet our customers’ specific product needs. Alongside this, our portfolio includes vinyl pyridine latex, designed for outstanding fiber-to-rubber adhesion for tyres and rubber products.

For reinforcing synthetic and natural rubber goods, our styrene-butadiene copolymers with a high styrene content provide increased stiffness over carbon black, allow lower mixing temperatures, achieve higher throughput on extruders, and increase the flex life of rubber, which of course also benefits the lifetime environmental performance of your products.