World leaders in zinc and tin-based chemistry

Our tin and zinc products have an exceptional array of applications, with catalysing, reducing and flame-retarding properties that underpin the chemical processes behind many everyday products.

From electronics to life sciences, William Blythe tin chemistry offers you versatility and application-specific formulations to keep processes, and the world, running smoothly, safely and reliably.

Tin Oxide N/A

Tin (II) oxide is a reducing agent that can be used as a catalyst in the manufacture of plasticizers and lubricants, toothpaste manufacturing, pigment market and as a raw material for tin compound production.

Zinc Hydroxystannate N/A

Zinc hydroxystannate (Flamtard H) is a flame-retardant synergist that can be used in halogen containing plastics such as PVC to reduce flammability via char promotion and smoke suppression.

Zinc Stannate N/A

Zinc stannate can be used as a flame retardant synergist in polymer applications, in the manufacture of films for solar cells, touch screens and in energy efficient glass.

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