Extending the violet element’s versatility

We are an industry leader in iodine-based chemistry, and our products span the polymer additive, life sciences, catalysis and electronics markets.

Customers increasingly value our ability to provide sustainable services, we are able to offer our closed-loop recycling service for our iodine product range. This means that where possible, used product can be sent back to our manufacturing site for re-processing to create new product for you.

Periodic Acid N/A

William Blythe is the world’s leading manufacturer of periodic acid, a product that is purified to ppb levels for the electronics industry.

Potassium IodateN/A

Our potassium iodate meetings the requirements of the Food Chemicals Codex and therefore can be used in the food manufacturing industry, alongside applications in light polarisation filters and chemical manufacturing.

Sodium Metaperiodate N/A

Sodium metaperiodate can be used as a selective oxidising agent in the  pharmaceutical industry and in silk screen printing.

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