High Performing Materials Enabling Sustainable Technologies

Renewable energy and battery storage are an increasingly important part of daily life. William Blythe is developing a range of products across battery technology, energy harvesting and energy conservation applications, using in-house expertise in inorganic precipitation chemistry.

With applications that range from solar cells to sensors, our products and processes are high quality, reliable, scalable and environmentally sustainable. We have developed scalable routes to provide high performing, high purity materials, with patents pending that can help you improve products and bring them to market faster.

Graphene Oxide N/A

Graphene oxide is a 2D water dispersible derivative of graphene, that has applicability across the construction, coatings, energy storage and polymer additives markets.

Lead Iodide N/A

Lead iodide is a precursor to the perovskite materials used in next-generation solar cell technology. William Blythe manufacture the high purity lead iodide needed for high performing perovskites.

Luxacal™ N/A

LUXACALTM is a patent-protected doped-tungsten oxide nanomaterial that absorbers in the near-IR region. It is an ideal product for applications that require conversion of light to heat or in sunlight shielding windows.

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