Innovation in advanced inorganic chemistry

William Blythe has developed a reputation as a leader in advanced materials from nanomaterials to high-purity, highly stable products for specialist applications where precision is critical.

Our advanced materials are designed for use in a broad range of applications, such as glazing, renewable energy,  feed additives and silicon chips.

LUXACALTM is a patent-protected doped-tungsten oxide nanomaterial that has been optimised for maximum near-infrared (NIR) absorption and low absorption in the visible region. These properties make LUXACALTM an ideal functional coating additive for solar control glazing applications and as an anti-icing paint additive. This non-hazardous material can be used to produce energy efficient windows in warmer climates, meaning less air conditioning is required to keep buildings or cars cool.

The particle size can be tuned to provide high optical transmission for glazing applications, and with fine control over dopant levels we can tailor absorbance for your specific applications. We can also help guide you on technical formulation to stably disperse the coatings.

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-purity graphene oxide. Graphene oxide can be used across the renewable energy space, for example as a 2D substrate for supporting catalysts for fuel cell, for metal-air batteries and hydrogen production, or, when reduced, as an electrical and thermal conductive additive for electrodes in energy storage.

We supply graphene oxide as a dispersion in water, at a concentration that you can specify, that is easily separated into single layers. Our manufacturing process is purely aqueous-based, and our on-site water treatment plant safely handles and removes any hazardous by-products.

Magnesium nitrate hexahydrate is a white flake and is ideal for use in the formulation of mixed metal nitrate solutions. It can be used in applications such as catalysts and stabiliser systems for biocides, and it’s also a source of magnesium and nitrogen for food and feed additive nutrients in horticulture.

A high purity magnesium nitrate can also be used as the metal salt component that prevents bleed between black and coloured inks.

Our magnesium nitrate is available as a hexahydrate or in aqueous solution.

Graphene Oxide N/A

Graphene oxide is a 2D water dispersible derivative of graphene, that has applicability across the construction, coatings, energy storage and polymer additives markets.

Luxacal™ N/A

LUXACALTM is a patent-protected doped-tungsten oxide nanomaterial that absorbers in the near-IR region. It is an ideal product for applications that require conversion of light to heat or in sunlight shielding windows.

Magnesium Nitrate N/A

Magnesium nitrate is a high purity product that can be used in the fertiliser, catalyst and formulation markets.

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