A great track record on paper, and in practice

Whether it’s a magazine or a brochure, there’s something special about the printed page. Our environmentally friendly water-based range of products for print includes binders for coating graphic paper, binders for coating sustainable fibre-based packaging solutions (virgin and recycled fibre), and binders for speciality paper production, including label, thermal printing, digital imaging and release liner applications.

Our extensive product range, including carboxylated styrene butadiene latex, styrene butadiene hybrids and styrene acrylics, meets the wide variety of requirements our customers in the paper and packaging industry trust us to deliver on. Our technology complies with the latest environmental and food compliance regulations for sustainable paper production.

Synthomer also supplies saturants for the impregnation of masking tapes, with a wide range of uses including building and construction, painting and renovation, and automotive re-finishing. Our European production network, with sites in Austria, Germany and Italy, ensures a high level of supply security to our customers, supported by our flexible logistics operation.

Find out how our team of experts can help to enhance your products and business performance, while delivering on your ESG goals.