Comfort and sustainability are our specialities

Bedding and footwear are two segments where consumer awareness of product performance is high, which is why you need the best quality ingredients for your products. As well as outstanding gel foam elastomers, Synthomer supplies the world’s only visco-elastic grade latex, for foam that  is more supportive and durable.

Our customers use our products to help them produce latex foam for superior end user products, from mattresses, pillows and toppers, cosmetic pads, and sports goods like goalkeeping gloves.

Our extensive portfolio of LIPOLANTM F high-solids styrene butadiene rubber (HSSBR) latices enable you to create the precise elasticity, flexibility and firmness required. Newly developed LIPOLANTM F 2880 offers significant costs savings, through the reduction of the total foam weight of combined natural rubber latex, and soft HSSBR latex.

It’s the same story with footwear foam. For top quality performance in applications such as foam cushions and insoles, from hard to soft, and stiff to flexible, Synthomer LIPOLANTM F products deliver a perfect, fine open-cell foam structure, ensuring outstanding elasticity, as well as efficient air and moisture transport, with latices that are suitable for both gel and non-gel processes.

Consumers are concerned about sustainability too. That’s why we’ve worked closely with our customers to create LIPOLAN™ TERRA, which enables more sustainable latex foam manufacturing with a reduction in carbon footprint of up to 60%, with further improvements to come. And we work in partnership with the foam industry to improve recycling, through the introduction of our Foam2Oil process.

We also offer a full package of curing additives and antioxidant dispersions to be used in combination with natural rubber latex and/or HSSBR latex for vulcanisation. Our team of experts will work closely with you to optimise product formulation and production processes.