Products from us, helping to optimise products by you

Synthomer is the market-leading supplier of water-based compounds and solutions. We offer the broadest ready-to-use portfolio; high quality ingredients for your manufacturing processes, helping to optimise product properties like heat resistance, tackiness, hardness and mechanical strength.

Our latex compounds are designed to fulfil our customers’ specific product needs and meet the latest environmental regulations for safety and sustainability, while reducing occupational and consumer health risks.

Our technical expertise and flexibility encompass everything from construction to textiles and carpets. Synthomer curing systems enable you to achieve superior properties in your final product, and our vulcanisation pastes and auxiliaries deliver enhanced gelling and curing times for consistent and safe production.

Additives such as surfactants, thickeners, antistatic agents and a wide range of other compounds can be developed to meet your specific requirements; thousands of different formulations for latex and solution copolymers, copolymer plastics and cross-linkable polymer systems are possible.

Designed to improve the performance of everyday products – from paints and lacquers to adhesives, detergents and textile fibres – acrylic monomers are vital ingredients. We are a reliable partner for delivering high quality acrylic monomers, with a leading strategic position supplying the European merchant market from our Sokolov site via our excellent logistics network.

Last but not least, the Synthomer range of WINGSTAYTM antioxidants has been protecting rubber and plastic goods from thermal oxidation for years. Our antioxidants are the key to extending the lifecycle of our customers' products and reducing service life costs for end users.