Our specialist products, right under your feet

Our ingredient products are part of the recipe for your success. From the domestic market, where aesthetic appeal and VOC-level specifications are paramount, to the demanding commercial market, where durability is critical; and in the automotive sector, where the innovation and performance envelopes are constantly pushed.

Our environmentally-friendly water-based range of products, including carboxylated and high solid SB latex, delivers our customers’ specific needs. Our binders and latices support cost-effective manufacturing, helping you to create fully compliant products with outstanding antistatic, anti-electrostatic, low odour, fireproofing, sound absorbency, thermal stability, elasticity and a wide range of other in-demand features and benefits.

As well as our binders, latices, and gel and non-gel foam elastomer backings, we create latices for artificial turf, up to international sports association specifications. And with our partners worldwide, we are able to offer vulcanisation paste, gelling agents, thickener and soaps.

It’s a comprehensive service, complete with the provision of dedicated technical support at your site should you choose. Together, we ensure product formulation and production process optimisation, and the best quality end products for consumers.