Synthomer Ltd has developed Alcotex 225 for use as build-up suppressant for vinyl chloride suspension polymerisation. It eliminates build-up on the reactor walls leading to a substantially higher number of production runs before the reactor has to be opened and pressure cleaned. This results in higher productivity rates and a better quality PVC resin.

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It is essential that before using Alcotex 225 for the first time, all residues in the reactor from previous polymerisations are removed and the reactor has been washed and dried. A new application of Alcotex 225 is necessary before each polymerisation to ensure adequate coating of the reactor walls in order to ensure maximum build-up protection. This is best achieved either by steam or nitrogen atomisation of Alcotex 225.


Key benefits of Alcotex 225 include:


Eliminates build-up in the reactor

Increases cycle times between pressure cleaning

Water based

No negative effect on PVC quality


Alcotex 225 can be de-stabilised with prolonged exposure to the atmosphere. Once the seal on a container of Alcotex 225 is broken, its contents must be used within a short period of time. Consequently, if the material cannot be consumed in a short period of time a nitrogen blanket should be applied to the contents of the container.

Shipping and Storage

We recommend that Alcotex 225 is stored between 5°C and 35 °C. Alcotex 225 should be stored in sealed containers as received. In this condition the product should remain fit for use for 6 months from date of delivery. Beyond that date, the material may still be fit for use, but we would recommend that it is good practice to the test the material.

Alcotex 225 can be supplied in a range of pack types. Please contact Synthomer for further details.

Product Security/Health and Safety

Before handling, please read the Safety Data Sheet of this product for advice on safety, use and disposal.

Effluents and Pollution Control

Before handling, please read the Safety Data Sheet of this product for advice on safety, use and disposal.

For further information regarding this product please refer to:

Synthomer Limited Head Office
Phone: +44 (0)1279 436 211
FAX: +44 (0)1279 444 025


Character Value Unit
Total Solids 5.0 – 6.0
pH 12.5 – 13.0  
Appearance Dark blue aqueous solution  

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