Glass EIFS

Robust and reliable xSBR impregnation binders for EIFS glass mesh fabric

In modern External Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS), glass mesh fabric is the material of choice to provide mechanical stability against thermal shrinkage and expansion for outdoor facade insulation. In combination with the other elements of the EIFS - insulation boards, adhesion mortars and top render/plaster - the mesh forms a system that creates an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface for residential and commercial buildings that is energy efficient and allows you to meet construction energy codes. In addition, an EIFS offers the additional benefits of durability, moisture control, design flexibility and aesthetics.

Synthomer is the market-leader for EIFS mesh fabric binders and supplies a broad range of Litex S products for open mesh impregnation. From soft to stiff touch and anything in between, our products can be tailored to provide your desired feel to the finished glass fibre fabric. In addition, our products allow compliance with the ETAG 004 standard for use in certified EIFS.

  • Good mechanical fixation at knot points.
  • Protection against alkaline attack.
  • Allow fast curing and high coat line speed
  • Excellent tack control.
  • Enable customisation of touch properties.
  • ETAG 004 compliance.
  • Allow you to meet construction energy codes

Recommended Products

Tradename Chemistry Description
LITEX™ ALKASHIELD 1543 XSBR LITEX ALKASHIELDTM 1543 is an aqueous, anionic dispersion of a carboxylated self-crosslinking butadiene styrene copolymer containing a non-staining antioxidant.
LITEX™ QUICKSHIELD 1545 XSBR LITEX QuickShield 1545 is an aqueous emulsion of a formaldehyde free, self-crosslinking copolymer of butadiene and styrene.
LITEX™ S 9076 XSBR Litex S 9076 is an aqueous, anionic dispersion of a self-crosslinking butadiene styrene copolymer containing a non-staining antioxidant.
OMNAPEL™ 3158 VACO Hydrophobic acrylate copolymer for the formulation of waterproof coatings and binders

Contact our technical specialists for a no-obligation discussion of how Synthomer’s binders can help improve your glass mesh fabric. 

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