Finishing Treatment

Wide range of finishing treatment chemicals for performance and comfort enhancement

OMNOVA produces binders and comfort finishes for synthetic and organic textiles used in a wide range of apparel, including hospital scrubs, athletic wear and business wear. Our binders provide nonwoven garments with tensile strength, resiliency and moisture holdout features. We also offer a wide range of performance and comfort finishes, including durable press resins, softeners and repellents. Our organic and silicone softeners impart a soft hand feel to a wide range of organic and synthetic fabrics and our non-fluoropolymer solutions can be effectively used to impart repellency to water and provide oil resistance, as well as soil release characteristics.

Benefits for your synthetic and organic textiles

  • Wash and wear performance that withstands laundering
  • Comfort finishes provide softness and garment performance
  • Repellent options for effective and durable water resistance
  • Auxiliaries for wetting, foam aides, and lubricants provide exceptional benefits 
  • Durable wicking performance
  • Excellent pigment and print binding 

Recommended Products

Tradename Chemistry Description
MYKON™ HLC OTH Lubricant for nonwovens, textiles, and paper applications.
SEQUAPEL™ 409 OTH Hydrophobic acrylate copolymer for the formulation of waterproof coatings and binders
SEQUAPEL™ 417 OTH Water-based, FDA compliant sizing agent that provides repellent performance
Synthebond™ SA 134 SA Synthebond SA 134 is a soft styrene acrylic emulsion recommended as a general purpose textile back-coating and fabric finishing binder.  It has some internal cross-linking and thus provides good wash and dry clean durability.  The product exhibits very good water resistance. 
Velvetol™ 251C SatPE Velvetol 251C is a multifunctional polyester polymer. It imparts a hydrophilic soft hand finish to polyester fabrics that reduces static charge generation on fabric and garments.

Contact our technical specialists for a no-obligation discussion of how Synthomer’s polymer binders and finishing treatment chemicals can help improve your synthetic and organic textiles

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