Lithene™ Liquid Polybutadiene (LPBD)

Versatile liquid polybutadienes for a wide range of industrial applications

Synthomer’s Lithene products are 100% active, liquid polybutadienes available in a range of molecular weights and micro-structures. They are unsaturated and reactive viscous liquids, with excellent low temperature flexibility, high electrical resistance and are very hydrophobic. Their excellent compatibility with hydrocarbon solvents and reactivity with many vulcanized rubbers makes them extremely versatile in a variety of ambient, UV and heat curable applications. Maleic anhydride grafting increases polarity to enhance adhesion direct to metals and additionally allows the liquid polybutadienes to react with amines and polyols. Lithenes are widely used for:

    • Sulphur cured automotive sealants and adhesives.
    • Direct to metal adhesion promotors for the automotive industry.
    • Sulphur or peroxide curable co-agents in rubber and elastomers.
    • Electrical encapsulating resins.
    • Air dry sand binders for sweep in paving grouts.
    • Defoaming additives for solvent based coating resins.
    • Non-volatile reactive coating diluents.
    • Polyurethane additive for improved abrasion resistance.

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Lithene™ Liquid Polybutadiene (LPBD)

Delivering value with Lithene™

Synthomer’s Lithene™ liquid polybutadiene product range design offers many key properties and when incorporated into end formulations can contribute to exceptional performance benefits in various applications. Core properties of Lithene™ are highlighted below:

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Lithene™ Liquid Polybutadiene (LPBD)

Benefits for the Formulator

The Lithene™ range of products offers formulation and processing flexibility: our grades are supplied as viscous liquids and can be used directly as received, or heated to reduce the viscosity. If required, Lithenes™ can also be mixed at high concentrations with silica to form a dry liquid powder.

Synthomer Lithene™ materials are non hazardous and have very low VOCs, thus simplifying transport or storage. Furthermore, our Lithene™ range is formulated to support environmentally friendly and sustainable end performance. The webcast offers an insight on handling our Lithene grades, as well as highlighting typical applications.

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Polybutadiene Viscosity Range
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Polybutadiene Sustainability

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