Synthomer Launched Its Newly Invested “Asia Innovation Centre” Near Johor Bahru

London, 01.04.2021

Synthomer has recently launched its “Asia Innovation Centre” (AIC) that’s located at iPark near Senai Airport, Johor Bahru despite the pandemic. The flagship facility that has over 6,000 sqm is fully operational now and ready to provide leadership in research and development for both Performance Elastomers and Functional Solutions business units which cover a wide range of industries including healthcare and protection, foam, carpet, paper, automotive, coating, construction, adhesive and textile.

“Synthomer’s business has been growing robustly with continual increase in demand from our customers over the past few decades. In view of that, we strongly believe that there is a need to further invest in research, development and applications support.  As such, a RM35 Million has been invested in a state-of-the-art Asian Innovation Centre (AIC) at the iPark, close to Johor Bahru, with sufficient expansion capacity to meet the future anticipated needs of the business. This flagship facility will provide leadership in novel nitrile innovation and will ensure Synthomer continues to stay at the forefront of Nitrile Latex product development and applications know-how. It will also create the right environment to attract and retain the best talent in the industry,” commented Gan Boon Teck, Vice President & General Manager of Performance Elastomers Division in Asia at Synthomer.

“This is the first phase of what we expect to be an ongoing investment in innovation in Asia, supporting all divisions of the company. Clearly a major focus is on our NBR business, and in addition to expanding our pilot DIDO lab reactor capacity, we are also investing in a new robotic dipping arm to more effectively mimic our customers' processes and accurately predict the behaviour of our polymers. We are working on a range of new product innovations and our team of chemists are tremendously excited about that and working in the new laboratory environment,” commented Dr Zhenli Wei, Vice President of Innovation for Performance Elastomers Division at Synthomer.

About Synthomer:
Synthomer develops and markets polymers used in a wide range of industries to create and enhance everyday consumer products. It holds leading positions in their chosen markets and have a proven record to generate added value to its customers through in-depth application know-how and strong R&D support.