SBR Latex, Marl Chemical Park, 28 July 2021

London, 28.07.2021

As a result of reduction in demand for SBR Latex in the paper market, Synthomer experienced a decline in profitability and utilisation across its SBR network which led to consultation processes with employees in Marl (Germany) beginning in August 2020. These processes have concluded, leading to a number of measures to optimise our production network for maximum efficiency to meet the demand outlook.
The company anticipates minimal disruption in connection with these changes and investment continues across Synthomer’s network to ensure it retains flexible capability to underpin its highly valued service level and reliable supply record.
After a successful process, Synthomer is pleased to reinforce its global supply position as a leading producer of SBR latex by ensuring sustained profitability and long-term supply security for its valued customers.

Neil Whitley
President Performance Elastomers Division

About Synthomer:
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