LIPOLAN® F 2820F is an aqueous dispersion of a reinforced styrene-butadiene copolymer with a high solids content. The emulsifier used is an alkaline salt of fatty acids, which gives the product good stability and foamability. Moulded foam based on LIPOLAN® F 2820F exhibits a medium high indentation hardness with a good resilience.

Technical Informations

Application Advice/Typical Applications

LIPOLAN® F2820F  remains mechanically stable when complying with the storage conditions given below.

Vulcanised latex foam made using LIPOLAN® F 2820F exhibits a high resilience. It has a very soft character and excellent mechanical properties. Both tensile strength and elongation at break of the vulcanised latex allow a great flexibility of mould design. LIPOLAN® F 2820F has to be vulcanised in a similar manner to natural rubber latex. In order to achieve an optimal quality level, rubber chemicals must be adapted to the compound formulation and manufacturing conditions. LIPOLAN® F 2820F suits to Dunlop, Talalay and non-gel process.

Shipping and Storage

LIPOLAN® F 2820F is delivered in road tankers. Shipment in 1 ton containers (IBC) is also possible.
LIPOLAN® F 2820F must permanently be protected against frost. The ideal storage temperature range is between + 5°C and + 30 °C. Exposure to temperatures above + 30 °C or to direct sunlight for extended periods of time has to be avoided. Temperatures never must exceed + 40 °C.
Complying with these storage conditions the dispersion has a shelf life of 6 months after delivery, when kept permanently and tightly closed. The pH value of the dispersion may decrease due to absorption of carbon dioxide from air. Dispersions having a pH lower than 10 should be readjusted to the initial value using an aqueous KOH solution of 5 % concentration. Material in broached containers should be used as soon as possible. In some cases, a slight drying of the surface or some cream formation cannot be excluded. Therefore the dispersion or the compound made of it should be stirred or mixed before use.

Product Security/Health and Safety

Before handling, please read the Safety Data Sheet of this product for advice on safety, use and disposal.

Effluents and Pollution Control

Before handling, please read the Safety Data Sheet of this product for advice on safety, use and disposal.

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Character Value Unit
Solids Content 67,0
pH Value 10,6  
Viscosity (Brookfield LV 3/30) < 2200 mPa s 
Surface Tension 39,0 mN/m 

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