Alcotex 864 is a polyvinyl alcohol, internally plasticized and supplied in a water solution. Alcotex 864 has a medium high hydrolysis level and a low molecular weight.



Aqueous solution.

Forms very flexible films when dry.

Dry films can be easily dissolved.

Very receptive to ink jet printing inks.

The dry film can be insolublised by crosslinking.

Non-ionic copolymer.


Alcotex 864 is manufactured on a dedicated polymerisation plant in Harlow, England.

Technical Informations

Application Advice/Typical Applications

Alcotex 864 may be poured or pumped using a wide variety of normal processing equipment. Care should be taken not to entrain air into the product during handling or mixing and if required, a suitable antifoam may be used. Compounding When Alcotex 864 is used as the major component of a high quality ink receptive coating, there are many different formulations that can be used. More detailed information on Alcotex 864 in this application is available in the booklets, Use of Alcotex in Ink Receptive Coatings and Alcotex 864 a Novel Polymer for Ink Jet.

Water soluble films, detergent bags and temporary adhesives. Ink jet receivable coatings on paper and film

Shipping and Storage

Alcotex 864 is stable under normal storage conditions, but extremes of temperature should be avoided. At low temperatures the product’s viscosity increases significantly and a hazy solution is observed. This can be cleared by warming the solution to 20oC. Alcotex 864 should be stored in sealed containers as received. In this condition, the product should remain fit for use for 6 months from the date of delivery. Beyond that date, the material may still be fit for use, but we would advise that it is good practice to test the material. With normal standards of plant housekeeping there is no need to add bactericides. If required, compatible bactericides may be used and any infected equipment treated with dilute hypochlorite solution. Alcotex 864 is supplied in 220 litre plastic drums, 1000 litre caged IBC’s or bulk delivery.

Product Security/Health and Safety

Before handling, please read the Safety Data Sheet of this product for advice on safety, use and disposal.

Effluents and Pollution Control

Before handling, please read the Safety Data Sheet of this product for advice on safety, use and disposal.

For further information regarding this product please refer to:

McInnes, Malcolm
Phone: +44(0)1279 436211


Character Value Unit
Total Solid Content 34 - 36
Degree of Hydrolysis 80.0 – 88.7 mole% 
Residual Acetate 20.0 – 27.6
Viscosity @ 20°C, 4% soln. 3.0 – 5.0 mPa.s 
Methanol Content - less than or equal to 3.0
Solvent System Water  
Typical product Viscosity mPa.s 2,500  
Appearance Opalescent, pale yellow solution  

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Technical datasheet

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