Synthebond 7915 is a pressure sensitive adhesives for permanent graphics applications that need plasticizer migration resistance.

Technical Informations

Application Advice/Typical Applications

Synthebond 7915 has been formulated for reverse roll and slot die


Key Features

  • High ultimate peel adhesion
  • Excellent balance of peel and shear adhesion
  • APEO free
  • Readily wets most liners
  • Good clarity
  • Good LSE adhesion
  • Excellent plasticizer resistance.

Shipping and Storage

Store at an even temperature of between +5°C and +35°C avoiding frost and direct sunlight. Stir product before use. If stored according to these conditions and in the original unopened containers, the dispersion will be stable for 6 months following delivery. Product should be used as soon as possible after opening. During processing, storage and transport, avoid any contact with metals (including non-ferrous metals) which are not protected against corrosion. Detailed information is available on request.

Product Security/Health and Safety

Before handling, please read the Safety Data Sheet of this product for advice on safety, use and disposal.

For further information regarding this product please refer to:

Dr Roan, Graeme
Phone: +1 864 398 7260

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