Aqueous dispersion of acrylic copolymer, anionic, APEO free.

Technical Informations

Application Advice/Typical Applications

PLEXTOL A 7700 is an acrylic emulsion polymer designed for formulation pressure sensitive adhesives for clear label applications. The excellent blush resistance, superior low energy substrate wetting and strong balance of peel and shear properties make PLEXTOL A 7700 an excellent choice for clear bottle label, HB&A and other specialty applications where a no-label look is mandatory.

PLEXTOL A 7700 is miscible with water in any ratio.

Film properties:
- excellent blushing resistance
- transparency – no-label look
- adhesion to variety of corona treated films

Shipping and Storage

Store at an even temperature of between +5°C and +35°C avoiding frost and direct sunlight. Stir product before use. If stored according to these conditions and in the original unopened containers, the dispersion will be stable for 6 months following delivery. Product should be used as soon as possible after opening. During processing, storage and transport, avoid any contact with metals (including non-ferrous metals) which are not protected against corrosion. Detailed information is available on request.

PLEXTOL A 7700 is supplied in bulk by road tankers. Please consult us about delivery in containers or drums.

Product Security/Health and Safety

Before handling, please read the Safety Data Sheet of this product for advice on safety, use and disposal.

For further information regarding this product please refer to:

Dr. Greiner, Katja
Phone: +49(0)2365-49-9816
FAX: +49(0)2365-49-6510


Character Value Unit
Solids Content 52.0
pH 7.3  
Viscosity (Brookfield RVT 3/20) 550 mPas 
Glass Transition Temperature (DSC) -45 °C 

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