Sustainability is at the heart of Synthomer’s operations

Synthomer’s polymers are used to manufacture many everyday products: from the sound damping in your car, to the backing of the carpet in your office, and the sheets on your bed. We take responsibility for the complete life cycle of our products and for the impact our operations have on your life and the environment.


To ensure the safe management and use of its products, Synthomer is committed to sharing relevant health and safety information throughout the value chain. To achieve this, we work closely with our suppliers and customers to fully understand the environmental impact of our raw materials, processes and products on the overall product life cycle. We identify potential improvement areas and focus efforts on delivering those improvements. Growing sustainably is a challenge, but it is one that we are dedicated to taking on.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Synthomer is a specialised chemicals company. As a global leader in water-based polymer chemistry, our purpose is to continually innovate to meet the needs of customers and society in a sustainable way. Synthomer is built on its reputation and the trust and confidence of each of its stakeholders – not only our shareholders and employees, but also our customers, suppliers and the wider community and environment in which we operate. At Synthomer, we hold the highest standards and work together to build an ethical and sustainable business, ‘The Synthomer Way’.

We focus our sustainability work, through our Group Sustainability Committee, based around six pillars – strategy, governance and compliance, people, sustainable value chain, health and safety, and environment. In 2019 we broadened our sustainability activities to reach more widely across the Group and for the first time published our Sustainability Report to Global Reporting

Initiative (GRI) standards. This approach is built on solid foundations, including the gathering of stakeholder expectations and assessing materiality, building key performance indicators against which we can be judged, engaging our employees through our first global engagement survey and our community-based ‘We Care’initiative and finally communicating our progress through our annual Sustainability Report.

Highlights and achievements


  • Introduced our purpose – As a global leader in water-based polymer chemistry, our purpose is to continually improve our products and technology to meet the needs of our customers and society in a sustainable way.
  • Published first Synthomer Sustainability Report aligned to GRI standards following extensive stakeholder assessment and matched to our six key pillars identified by the materiality assessment.
  • Sustainability Committee expanded to coordinate global ESG sustainability activities, reporting to the Executive Committee.
  • Increased focus on innovation of products with lower energy intensity, the completion of life cycle analysis, alternative raw material development and full understanding of our sustainable value chain to guide future activity.
  • Improved Ecovadis and CDP scores, maintaining Silver level in Ecovadis and achieving B- level in CDP.


Governance and compliance

  • Completing face-to-face interactive and scenario-based training sessions to support the launch of the Group’s new Code of Conduct, with very positive feedback and results.
  • Significant progress made in rolling out the Group’s GDPR compliance programme, including delivering face-to-face awareness sessions to relevant employees.—Launching an enhanced competition law compliance programme, involving making available online an improved guidance toolkit for employees, and rolling out face-to-face interactive and scenario-based training sessions to relevant employees.
  • Introduction of a new third-party contracted software solution from AEB and Dow Jones which automatically undertakes weekly sanctions-checks of third-party data contained in our system (e.g. customer and supplier data) supporting the existing Group policy on conducting business in sanctioned countries.
  • Creating a new Investigations Protocol to support the proper conduct of investigations, whether into matters arising through the new whistleblowing helpline or otherwise. The Investigations Protocol is designed to reinforce the Group’s commitment to encouraging employees to speak up about any concerns they may have about unethical and/or unlawful behaviour, through giving reassurance around the integrity of any investigation that ensues.


  • Synthomer Talent Development Programme extended and second annual cohort selected and enrolled.
  • Further investment in European Graduate Development Programme.—Strengthened Asia and Europe Graduate Programme.
  • Synthomer leadership attributes updated and launched globally.
  • Multilingual Global Employee Engagement Survey with active participation from over 1,500 (62%) of Synthomer employees across seven largest countries where Synthomer employees are based.

Sustainable value chain

  • Strengthened sustainability assessment within procurement processes, and implemented revised supplier audit methodology.
  • Initial assessment of active R&D projects against sustainability criteria.
  • Extended supplier performance assessment criteria for supplier audits to cover wider aspects of sustainability.

Health and safety (occupational and process safety)

  • Completion of Group’s Safety, Health and Environment Management System (SHEMS) review.
  • Full roll-out of internal process safety training.
  • ICCA process safety event rate reduced to 0.11 per 100,000 hours.
  • 19% reduction of number of recordable Injuries compared with previous year.


  • Total waste generated reduced 1.6%.
  • Waste to landfill decreased 23%.
  • Water withdrawal reduced by 1.03%.
  • Total Scope 1 and 2 CO2 equivalent emissions 312,235 tonnes.
  • VOC emissions reduced by 39.7% to 183 tonnes
  • Commitment to Scope 3 emissions evaluation in 2020.

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