Construction & Coatings

Innovations for Paints and Construction Chemistry

Synthomer has been in the emulsions┬┤ market for paints and construction chemistry for a long time. Our depth of experience and our focus on the development of innovative products make us an expert partner for the manufacture of paints, lacquers and chemical products for the building industry. We develop individual solutions for both decorative and functional coatings, as well as for building material finishes and construction adhesives.

This development is driven by the demand for products, which perform at our customers' need while meeting increasingly demanding environmental standards, like low VOC, APEO-free, formaldehyde-free. Thus our products meet all relevant regulations without compromising quality or performance.

Paint and Lacquer

Paint needs to bond to make our lives colourful.

A full range of high performance acrylic, styrene acrylic and vinyl acetate based binders for architectural and industrials coatings matches the requirements of end-use markets. Our solutions for wall paints and coatings, comprising fa├žades, wood and metal finishes meet special demands like durability, water-resistance, colour fastness, longevity. In roofing applications we offer a full range of products for coating of roof tiles, but also binders for elastic coatings in cool roof applications. A broad portfolio of specialized low odour binders for interior applications allows high resistant and durable products for a variety of substrates (e. g. plasters, concrete, wallpaper, wood), which fulfil eco label standards.

Construction Chemistry

We cement the properties of your construction chemistries.

High-quality cement mortar and industrial floor screeds are based on a combination of cement and polymer dispersion. This combination improves the workability of the polymer-modified mortar and increases the performance of the mortar. It can give better adhesion, reduce risk of cracks, and increase resistance to abrasion, water, and chemicals. Elastic 1k or 2k-membranes based on our binders help to insulate buildings against moisture and make bath rooms damp-proof.
Polymer modified bitumen emulsions are used to build long-life roads and help to maintain asphalt quality. In the remotest parts of the world soil bonding agents are used for road construction.

Construction Adhesives

Make sure it lasts.

Adhesives play an important role in the construction industry. While substrates are normally mineral, the materials to be glued on them are more diverse: ceramic tiles, insulation materials for EIFS made of expanded polystyrene or mineral wool, or textile or PVC floor coverings. The dispersion compensates for tension in the substructure and guarantees excellent adhesion, even in moist environments. As binders, our polymer dispersions significantly influence the properties of the adhesive. Thus they make tile adhesives more water resistant, control the open time and green adhesion of floor mounting adhesives or allow high elastic sealants.

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