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    As a leading polymer supplier, Synthomer plays a significant role in the manufacture of products used in your everyday life: from the sound damping in your car, to the backing of the carpet in your office and the sheets on your bed. Synthomer’s concern is for the whole life cycle of these products and we understand our responsibility for the impact our operations have on your life and the environment. It is a key goal for Synthomer to share information throughout the value chain by understanding the environmental impact of our raw materials, processes and products on the overall product life cycle; identifying potential improvement areas where we can focus our efforts. This is underpinned by our belief that sustainability must be a `win-win’ opportunity requiring suppliers and customers to work together.

    Customers’ sustainability.

    Sustainability brings both challenges and opportunities; it is understood and implemented differently depending on the end-use of the product. We believe that our industry must strive continuously to identify improvements that meet both the economic and the sustainability needs of the many value chains in which we operate. According, we have a Sustainability Team that engages with our customers to provide solutions which enhance the sustainability of the whole product lifecycle. Growing sustainably is a challenge but it is one that we are taking on.

    Please contact us in case of any specific enquiries: sustainability@synthomer.com 

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