Our Approach and Targets

Financial results remain an important measure of success but Synthomer recognises that to be a truly successful global business we must work hard to continually improve our safety, health and environment (SHE) performance and identify how we can positively impact our employees and the communities in which we operate.

In line with our SHE Policy, the Board, Chief Executive and Executive Committee are fully committed to improving SHE performance and engaging and involving employees at all levels in all locations in our SHE programmes. Effective SHE leadership to deliver SHE performance is a primary duty and expectation of management at all levels in the Group, aligned to our three long term goals:

  • To minimise any environmental burden created by our activities;
  • To have no accidents or incidents; and
  • To have no adverse impact on the health of those who work in, or live near our operations, nor on the health of those who use our products.



Our people

We have developed a Human Resources Framework covering five pillars supported by an open and positive working environment to get the best out of our excellent people.

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Safety, health and the environment

We have continued to focus on reducing accident rates in the past year. Total recordable accident rate including the PAC sites fell 46%. We are committed to achieving a zero accident rate.

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