Synthomer has today become a member of the Together for Sustainability (TfS) Initiative, which is led by the procurement teams across our sector and is dedicated to driving and delivering sustainability through the chemical industry's supply chains.

Against the backdrop of the climate challenge and increasing regulatory requirements, TfS provides the chemical industry with innovative solutions to enable supply chains to make a significant contribution to the company’s overall sustainability and resilience performance. This is particularly important as companies across the industry deepen our collective understanding, measurement and management of Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain. The initiative began in 2011 and now has 43 members from across the chemical industry, representing global turnover of over €600 billion and global spend of over €400 billion.

"Sustainability needs to be at the centre of what we do today and not just in the future, and it can only be tackled in collaboration with our supply chains and peers. We believe that joining Together for Sustainability (TfS) will bring us a step closer towards improving our sustainability performance and achieving our commitment to reaching net zero. We look forward to working closely with TfS and its members on this important global issue."

Dr Stephen Blackburn Synthomer Chief Procurement Officer and Vice President, Group Procurement

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