An overview of our business

What we do

We’re a world-leading supplier of high-performance, highly specialised chemicals that are applied across key industries such as coatings, construction, adhesives, and healthcare.

Through our agile approach, we collaborate with more than 6,000 customers to enhance our existing products and services, and create innovative tailor-made solutions.

Our business model

Innovation, sustainability and customer service sit at the heart of our business model. We focus on these key elements, drawing on our unique teams and assets to deliver high-performance solutions in pursuit of a common goal: creating value for all our stakeholders.

Where we work

We employ more than 5,000 employees across more than 40 locations. Our headquarters is in London, UK. We serve our customers from regional centres in Europe, North America and Asia – while also operating innovation hubs in Harlow, UK; Marl, Germany; Akron, USA, Ohio and Kulai, Malaysia.

Through our local production sites, we can better meet our customers’ specific needs, reduce the cost of logistics and minimise our environmental impact.

Our financial performance

In 2021, we generated revenues of £2.3 billion and an EBITDA of £522.2 million. Overall, 24% of our sales volume comes from new and patent-protected products. This robust financial performance ensures we’re well-positioned to keep investing for long-term growth. It gives us the scale to keep on innovating and fulfilling our purpose.

How we create and sustain value

Applying our technical and R&D expertise, we’re able to anticipate our customers’ needs and help them create successful products through more efficient manufacturing.

Our sustainable value chain means that we – both at Synthomer and our suppliers – all work as one to meet the current and future demands and respond to end market requirements and global megatrends. This is sustainable innovation in action.

Our purpose and shared values

Our values help us achieve our purpose: creating innovative and sustainable polymer solutions for the benefit of customers and society.

We’re focused on innovation – welcoming change and new ideas. We value teamwork because we’re stronger as one team. We act with integrity and show respect. And we believe in accountability, delivering on our promises. Most important is safety, health and environment. We always have time to work safely.