PLEXTOL D 308 is an aqueous high solids dispersion of an acrylic ester copolymer. The dispersion is free from film forming aids, solvents and plasticizers.

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Technical Informations

Application Advice/Typical Applications

PLEXTOL D 308 is preserved against bacterial and fungal attack. In the manufacture of finished products, the material has to be retreated, as usual, with suitable biocides to give enhanced preservation.

Above minimum film forming temperature PLEXTOL D 308  forms a clear, tacky film. This product is an extremely soft acrylic dispersion, which is suitable for the manufacture of flooring adhesives, in particular for PVC floorings. The dispersion is characterized by especially good cohesion and outstanding resistance against plasticizer migration.

Shipping and Storage

PLEXTOL D 308 must be stored in closed containers between + 5 °C and + 35 °C and protected from frost and direct sunlight. If stored according to these conditions and in the original unopened containers, the dispersion will be stable for 12 months following delivery. However some cream formation cannot be ruled out. It is therefore advisable that the dispersion should be stirred, or mixed before use. Information on environmental and hazard data may be taken from the material safety data sheet.

Product Security/Health and Safety

PLEXTOL D 308 does not require statutory labelling either under the (German) Dangerous Substances Regulation (GefStoffV) or the EU Directive on Dangerous Preparations and is also not subject to Transport Regulations on Dangerous Goods currently in force. For PLEXTOL D 308 a EU safety data sheet is available.

Effluents and Pollution Control

PLEXTOL D 308 contains only water as medium for its dispersion and is free from solvents. PLEXTOL D 308 has been assigned to Water Hazard Class 1 (weakly water hazardous). Any PLEXTOL D 308 in the effluent may be removed with suitable flocculating agents. For dumping or incineration of the coagulated and separated solids content the relevant regulations have to be observed.

For further information regarding this product please refer to:

Fachinger, Thomas
Phone: +49(0)6181-9880094
FAX: +49(0)6181-9880094


Character Value Unit
Solids Content 60,0
pH Value 5,5  
Viscosity 5000 mPas 
Minimum Film-Forming Temperature 0 °C 
Glass Transition Temperature -42 °C 

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